The Most Common Mistakes of Table Tennis Grips

Perhaps you are not going to take serious training of table tennis, just having fun with the family and friends. However, you will enjoy more fun of it, if you can use the proper grips. When you take formal training in the future, it will be much easier.

Table tennis is the sole ball game with two types of grip on the planet. Tennis, badminton, squash… all have one only. The two grips are shakehand and penhold, each has its own merits. Their confrontation and clash brings out different skills and playing styles. Please see the correct grips in the photos below.

The shakehand grip is a bit easier to learn. That is one of the reasons why it is more popular. The common mistakes are shown below. 看全文

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Pips-in, Pips-out, Anti-loop, Pips-out Special, Long Pips – Brief Introduction of Table Tennis Rubbers

Table tennis is the only ball games with different racket surfaces in the world. Tennis does not. Badminton does not. It is one of the main features. Some of the rubbers are rugged, some smooth. They include pips-in, pips-out, anti-loop, pips-out special and long pips. Each of them has unique functions, making table tennis more interesting.

Table tennis rackets comprise three parts, including blade, sponge and rubber. The blade is for control and bounce; the sponge for bounce; the rubber for spin and control. The rubber is the part touching the ball. The rubbers are divided into two main types: pips-in and pips-out. Each has subdivisions with varying characteristics.

The most popular one is pips-in rubber, with smooth surface. Over 95% of people are using it. It produces the strongest spin and is also fast. The functions are comprehensive. 看全文

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Liu Shiwen Won World Championships Singles First Time, Beat Ding Ning, Chen Meng 11-0

The most comforting result of the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest this year should be Liu Shiwen winning the singles title. Including this time, she entered the semi-finals 6 times in a row, among those 3 times 2nd runner, twice 1st runner-up. This late bloomer has waited for over 10 years.

Liu Shiwen was from Liaoning province. She enrolled the sports school in Guangzhou when she was 7 years old. She loops powerfully both sides, quite masculine. What makes her so precious and comprehensive is that her speed drives close-to-table is incredibly fast also. 看全文

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Why Was Xu Xin Out in Round of 32 WTTC Singles, Missing a Great Opportunity to Enter the Final? Afraid His Road Ahead Difficult

At the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest last month, Xu Xin, who ranked world no. 2 and was the singles second runner-up in the previous two times, was defeated 2-4 by French Simon Gauzy, who ranked beyond 30, in the round of 32. It was a horrible result.

ITTF’s Ridiculous Ranking System

Due to the ridiculous ranking system of the ITTF, four Chinese players crowded in the upper half this time. Xu Xin was the only Chinese player in the lower half. In addition, there were no strong players in the lower half, other than Harimoto Tomokazu. Even Timo Boll withdrew because of sickness, failing to live up to fortunate draws as usual. It was a great opportunity of Xu Xin entering the singles final for his first time and establishing his status in the national team. 看全文

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How Ma Long Defeated Liang Jingkun, Who Beat Fan Zhendong at WTTC?

Originally, was the hot Singles winner of the World Table Tennis Championships in Budapest this year. His capability, experience and condition were all mature and Ma Long had just came back from his injury. Last time Fan was just beaten by Ma on the deuce of the 7th game of the final. Unexpectedly, Fan 2-4 lost to his junior teammate Liang Jingkun in the round of 16.

Fan Zhendong, Liang Jingkun Same Style

It was interesting to watch Fan and Liang playing against each other. They have the same style, both similar height, a bit fat, with strong backhand, relatively close to the table… etc. Liang was 22 years old and ambitious. He challenged the hot winner as a rookie without any burden. 看全文

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ITTF Uses New ABS Ping Pong Balls, Doom of Spin-style Players And Destroying Table Tennis

Since the Korean Open in April 2017, the ITTF began to use the new ABS ping pong balls in all major international competitions. The materials of the ABS balls were changed. ‘ABS’ is the short form of the three new plastic ingredients (Acrylonitrile, Butadiene and Styrene Copolymer). The new balls have brought the doom for the spin-style players and are destroying table tennis. 看全文

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BUTTERFLY, DHS, STIGA, DONIC──Brief Introduction of Common Table Tennis Equipment Brands

On the market, there are too many brands of table tennis equipment that you might feel distracted to pick up the right one. Here, a brief introduction of several global brands from beginner to competition levels is given below.


Butterfly is an expensive class from Japan, a top-notch brand name over the past few decades in table tennis. It not only produces exquisite blades at supreme quality with a wide of selection, but also makes first-rate rubbers. They are popular among many international star players. 看全文

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What Are the Unexpected Advantages of Playing Table Tennis?

Commonly known table tennis benefits

Playing table tennis has countless benefits. Those commonly known are as follows:

  • Fostering your body’s coordination, developing swift movements and acute reactions.
  • Exercising your whole body’s bones and muscles, enhancing your muscles strength and endurance, making your joints stronger and harder.
  • Training your sense functions well, reliving eyes tiredness.
  • Improving your heart-pumping performance and respiratory system, stimulating metabolism, elevating your lung’s capacity… etc.

All these benefits are good for your health, but you can get these same effects by playing some other sports. What are the exclusive benefits, which are rarely noticed, offered by table tennis? 看全文

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Three Basic Principles of Buying a Table Tennis Racket

Having a suitable table tennis racket largely concerns most players, even more than techniques. On the market, over hundreds of product models make you difficult to make a right decision. Let me give some suggestions below for the upper beginners, whose skill level is about equal to or above the silver badge of the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association.

First of all, you should choose a paddle. The materials of table tennis rackets can be divided into two main categories: pure wood and mixed fibres. Each has its own character. 看全文

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