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Who Invented Table Tennis? Know the Interesting Origin

Just like many other new things, the birth of table tennis was quite fortuitous. While parents playing table tennis with children, telling them its origin, believed that it could not only broaden their scope, but also enhance their interest. There … 看全文

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Two unique table tennis competitions – T2 League, TTX

Other than the World Championships and the Pro Tours commonly seen, in order to promote table tennis, the ITTF has launched two unique competitions – T2 League and TTX. Both are thoughtful and differentiated. Let me briefly introduce them below. … 看全文

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What Are the Unexpected Advantages of Playing Table Tennis?

Commonly known table tennis benefits Playing table tennis has countless benefits. Those commonly known are as follows: Fostering your body’s coordination, developing swift movements and acute reactions. Exercising your whole body’s bones and muscles, enhancing your muscles strength and endurance, … 看全文

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