BUTTERFLY, DHS, STIGA, DONIC──Brief Introduction of Common Table Tennis Equipment Brands

On the market, there are too many brands of table tennis equipment that you might feel distracted to pick up the right one. Here, a brief introduction of several global brands from beginner to competition levels is given below.


Butterfly is an expensive class from Japan, a top-notch brand name over the past few decades in table tennis. It not only produces exquisite blades at supreme quality with a wide of selection, but also makes first-rate rubbers. They are popular among many international star players.

Furthermore, it has plenty of side-products like jerseys, shoes, racket-covers, glues, accessories… etc. They provide anything you can think about with Japanese-style fashionable and unique designs. (Were it not for the shameless attitude of the Japanese government on its crime history of invasion to China, I would recommend you this brand sincerely.)


BUTTERFLY, DHS, STIGA, DONIC, Table Tennis Equipment

Brief Introduction of Common Table Tennis Equipment Brands
(Image courtesy of Naypong at Flickr)



From Sweden, STIGA is equally as high-end and long-history as Butterfly. It earns its name with brilliant blades. A lot of world-class players use them. Formerly, a few models even surpassed Butterfly. In recent years, there was hearsay that the products were unstable due to unsatisfied quality control. Its fame went down a bit.

STIGA has been producing numerous blade models. Some of them even inserted with diamonds were seen in its advertising. Otherwise, its rubbers are ordinary, few people using them. It also provides a series of jerseys and other accessories, but the designs are less attractive than Butterfly.


From Germany, DONIC is a middle-end brand providing good quality at reasonable prices. The products are very suitable for teenagers and people who are not keen on costly brands. It has a wide variety with remarkable designs. Some classic models of rackets and rubbers have been prevailing in the market for many years.


DHS, from China, is the most well-known brand among the Chinese. It is in the low-end range offering a wide selection. The products are at economical prices but the quality is moderate. People who are looking for cheap items would like it.

Now you might know better about these famous table tennis brands and perhaps be preparing a buying list. There are many other brands from China and overseas. Take your time to try and experience the features of them and you will find your favourite one. Would you have any recommendable brands for us?


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