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Top Spin, Back Spin and Side Spin – Three Basic Spins of Table Tennis Skills

Spins and speed are the two crucial features of table tennis. The spins of table tennis are far greater important than those of tennis and badminton. Most often the ball going to some direction without control is because of spins. … 看全文

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Why both hands are needed to play ping pong?

Every ping pong fan would stress the skill motions. Most of them also know the importance of footwork. However, many a player neglects the other hand which is not holding the racket. Without the match of another hand, all the … 看全文

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What are the unique of ping pong doubles rules?

Playing ping pong doubles has lots of fun. Originally just two persons in the court becoming four, it makes the dueling lively at once. However, its rules are quite different from the singles and other ball games such as tennis … 看全文

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What Are the Unexpected Advantages of Playing Table Tennis?

Commonly known table tennis benefits Playing table tennis has countless benefits. Those commonly known are as follows: Fostering your body’s coordination, developing swift movements and acute reactions. Exercising your whole body’s bones and muscles, enhancing your muscles strength and endurance, … 看全文

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