Three Basic Principles of Buying a Table Tennis Racket

Having a suitable table tennis racket largely concerns most players, even more than techniques. On the market, over hundreds of product models make you difficult to make a right decision. Let me give some suggestions below for the upper beginners, whose skill level is about equal to or above the silver badge of the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association.

First of all, you should choose a paddle. The materials of table tennis rackets can be divided into two main categories: pure wood and mixed fibres. Each has its own character. Pure wood paddles deliver you the clearest touch feeling, which is the soul of playing. You can better feel the ball through your palm and fingers. They give you the best control and are the best choice to foster the touch feeling.

However, the weakness of pure wood rackets is less powerful. It is obvious especially when applying middle-to-long-range attacks. That is why the players whose level is higher than beginners’, may consider to change pure wood rackets to mixed-fibre rackets.

Hence, various fibre layers are mixed in pure wood rackets, such as carbon, arylate, titanium and aluminium… etc. The uses of carbon and arylate are the most popular among them. The purpose of adding those fibres is to enhance the paddle power, making the attacks more violent. On the other hand, comparing with pure wood rackets, the touch feeling of mixed-fibre rackets is worse. This is the main disadvantage.

Secondly, after selecting a suitable table tennis racket, it is the time to pick the rubbers. In general, those rubbers of Chinese brands are sticky, producing stronger spins, but they are heavier. Their prices are also cheaper. On the contrary, those rubbers of European brands are less sticky and provide faster speed. Relatively, they produce weaker spins and the prices are higher.


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Three Basic Principles of Buying a Table Tennis Racket
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People who prefer stronger spins and do not mind a heavier racket would choose the rubbers of Chinese brands. If you like quicker speed and a lighter racket, then the rubbers of European brands would be more suitable for you.

Besides, does the more expensive table tennis racket mean the better racket for you? It seems a beautiful misunderstanding. Usually, those higher-priced rackets do have better qualities, but the players also need a higher skill level to control them. The bounce of high quality rackets is strong which beginners are unable to handle it. In addition, it hinders beginners from fostering the touch feeling in the first place. This is a great harm for skill developing, especially for children, not to mention the waste of money.

Nowadays, it is common to see a lot of young beginners brandish their high-priced rackets in table tennis courts. It is not a good thing for them actually. In the childhood of many famous and sophisticated Brazilian football superstars, did they play kicking empty soft drink cans, spitballs barefoot in slum dumps, or playing genuine leather footballs in luxurious football boots?

Many table tennis fans are nervous about their rackets. They make great effort to seek the newest models, to look for the perfect rubbers for forehand and the best sponges for backhand… etc. Certainly, it is good to know your equipment well, but you just do not need to care too much.

Choosing rackets is the same as choosing clothes. The most popular and trendy style may not be suitable for you. Many renowned international fashion models whose outstanding taste is admired by the public, said that they had bought unknown brands of homely blouses and casual jeans cost only a few hundred dollars in the Ladies’ Market. As long as you are in good shape, confident and spirited, your charm is still dazzlingly glamorous and shiny. It is no difference between picking table tennis rackets and selecting clothes.

Do you agree with the celebrated fashion models?


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