How to Develop a Yearly Table Tennis Training Plan for Yourself?

If you would like to raise your skills to a higher level, just like doing many other things well, the crucial matter is thinking over your objective thoroughly. With a clear goal, you can develop a detailed yearly table tennis training plan. Based on it, you may gradually head towards the destination step by step.

Goal of Table Tennis Training Plan

There are many ways to set up a goal. It could be mastering a particular skill for beginners; joining the school team or beating someone who you could not win before for intermediate level; using some tactics well during real games or entering the semi-finals of a competition for advanced players… etc.

The goal is vital. It motivates the player, concentrating all the spirit and the mind on running to the destination at full throttle. Without the goal, it is easy to lose the focus of the training, spreading yourself too thin.


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How to Develop a Yearly Table Tennis Training Plan for Yourself?

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A good and suitable goal must consist of two factors: measurability and deadline. It would be no use, if you goal is merely “Hope to play better.” A concrete table tennis training goal could be “beating someone in a year,” or “winning the single champion of the school competition this year.” In this way, you can know the effect apparently and review it accordingly.

Training Plan Execution

Once you got a clear goal, a detailed table tennis training plan can be developed. Evaluate how far your present skill level is from the desired destination, estimating how much effort needed. Then see how much time you have. Taking a year as an example, divide the training you need and the time you spend into twelve months. Afterwards, further break down the monthly training contents into weekly to conduct. Now do not you have a concrete aim for every training session?

Why do not you make a table tennis training plan for yourself this year right now, bringing your level to another level, transforming yourself and having an actual breakthrough?


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