Three Common Thoughts Make Your Table Tennis Level Stagnant

2020-08-09 03:00 pm    813 Views

        Having been playing table tennis for many years, the skill level is just at a standstill, not much breakthrough? Have you ever thought that the reasons are some notions deep in your mind? You might check whether you’ve any one of those below.

        “I get used to it already.” “I always play like this.” “It makes me uncomfortable playing so.” … Many students told me that how they were eager to polish up their skills and how they wished to have progress. However, these were their responses when they were asked to make some even tiny but very effective adjustments, such as the grip, the position and the posture… etc.

Reluctant to Change – Hindering Your Table Tennis Level Most

       My coaching experience for many years tells me something. Learning table tennis, clumsy students can learn by trying more times; stupid students can learn by absorbing slowly. The last type can improve is that with the above-mentioned responses – reluctant to change. It’s more often in adults. If you keep using the old way to play, refusing to try and adapt, how can you upgrade yourself? “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results,” Albert Einstein said.


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Don’t Believe Yourself Can Change

      Another thought strangles the skill improvement is – don’t believe yourself can change. I often think that the people of older generations are more imaginative and have more dreams. Perhaps the teenagers nowadays have too many opportunities and are too busy. They’ve many skills but much less enthusiasm to immerse themselves in some hobbies.

      Endless interest classes keep them so occupied on holidays, but all are superficial. How much taste they can get? Many parents send their children to learn many activities, hoping to dig out their talents and gifts. However, when the school coach tells them that their kids are potential, suitable for formal table tennis training, they doubt and hesitate. More often, they’d rather keep taking many classes and looking for their children’s “talents.”

Lack of Goals

      One more reason holds your table tennis skills back – lack of goals. Setting a goal, you don’t necessarily need a proposal, but at least it can’t be as vague as something like “I’d like to play better.” Depending on how much you demand yourself, apart from having fun, you might as well be a bit aggressive and have some specific directions.

      For instance, you may set some time limits, “master backhand drive in a month,” “play ten strokes of forehand drive rally within two weeks.” With this little method, you’ll make tremendous progress after a period of time. If you don’t have a destination, even the God can’t help.

     Once opening up your mind, inspirations and confidence will grow. Many ideas about improving your table tennis skills will come up. Putting words into deeds, you could promote to the next level before you know it.


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