Five Steps to Make Use of Table Tennis Learning Videos to Enhance Skills

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       Untold table tennis learning videos are easily available online nowadays. All are free at your fingertips. Following the five steps below, yourself can be your own coach enhancing your skills greatly. 

Make Fully Use of Table Tennis Learning Videos
Step 1 – Observe Thoroughly

       First of all, watch and observe repeatedly the skill motion you’d like to learn, until it’s completely understood and leaves a deep impression in your mind. At present, many table tennis learning videos have slow motion and multi-angles, as clear as crystal. You may watch unlimited times, extremely convenient. Those coaching videos are more suitable for beginners. Intermediate and advanced players can watch match videos.

Step 2 – Shadow Practice

       Find a spacious place, table unnecessary. Hold your racket and do the skill motion you’ve learnt from the video in the air, imagining you’re playing. Keep practicing until the motion is smooth. It’s much better if you face a mirror and check whether the posture is correct yourself. Many people feel that shadow practice looks stupid and are unwilling to do so. Actually, it largely helps you master and improve skills. Even the professional players in China do so.


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Step 3 – Play with Partner

       After initially learnt the motion, you need to look for a training partner to play with you. Ask for your partner to simulate the coming balls and you try to use the newly learnt skill to return. Then see the effects and examine your posture. The correct motion is crucial, checking and comparing it with what you see in the table tennis learning video. If a training partner is unavailable temporarily, renting a robot from the LCSD is also a good substitute.

Step 4 – Consolidate the Skill

       Once you got the motion correct, it’s time to start doing loads of exercise to consolidate the skill. At this stage, you’d better have a training partner to simulate the coming balls. Using multi-balls, which are a basket of over a hundred table tennis balls, will be much more effective. It greatly reduces the time of picking balls. Practicing the motion repeatedly until it becomes proficient and a habit.

Step 5 – Observe Your Own Motion

       Finally, film your motion and review it. It’ll be much better if you could record a short video of your play and compare it with your learning video. Watching them and fine-tuning your motion, you could master the skill thoroughly.

       Would you like to enhance your skill level by making use of table tennis learning videos right now?


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