How to Improve Skills Without Table Tennis Tables During Shutdown?

2021-01-24 04:00 pm    767 Views

        In the perverse world nowadays, sports venues are often unavailable. Without a table tennis table, is just waiting for our skills to get rusty all what we can do? Maybe not. During these abnormal days, we can still use the three methods below to improve our skills.

Correct Rooted Table Tennis Mistakes Without Tables

        First, correct rooted and mistaken moves. Many people haven’t noticed that during the period without table tennis tables or practice, it’s the best opportunity to eliminate the bad habits and motions. In normal days with practice, the wrong moves are kept being used. It’s extremely hard to root them out. Now it’s a good chance for you to totally forget those old bad habits.

        After two or three months, a large part of your motion memory will be gone. Then you learn that skill from scratch again and master the correct move. It’ll give you a completely new effect. Like what will be talked about below, you may learn the right moves from videos and then conduct shadow practice. It’s a formal way to master new skills. When sports venues open, you may pick up quickly.

Watch Learning Videos

        Second, watch videos. The untold table tennis competition and training online videos are treasures of learning skills. You may reach all of them sitting back at home with just a click. Usually, we can’t wait rushing to play and don’t have the patience to watch them carefully. It’s time to see them attentively and enjoy.


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        For example, beginners can observe whether there’re any differences of their basic skill motions, such as forehand or backhand drive. Intermediate players can learn serve and receiving techniques. Which are suitable for yourself to borrow and imitate, becoming your own weapons? Advanced players can study the usage of third-ball attack, tactic organisation. Are there any shrewd deployments? How to solve?

Be Fit

       Third, build up physical capability. It’s a good chance to train up your fitness making use of the time which you’d spend on table in the past. Under the big ball policy, physical strength is getting more and more important playing table tennis. Usually most of the amateur players don’t have enough time to develop this. Now they can take this opportunity to lay a solid foundation. Running to enhance cardiorespiratory endurance is the basic. It helps you avoid becoming exhausted after just a few games.

       Skipping is another good exercise to do. Other than increasing cardiorespiratory endurance, it also boosts muscular strength of legs, agility, speed and body coordination. It largely supports your footwork and makes you move quickly. Push-ups and sit-ups train your power of arms, shoulders, waist and abdominals. After doing these exercises a period of time, the power of your every stroke will be significantly increased. The quality is obviously different.

       Try to use the above-mentioned methods to keep yourself in good shape. When table tennis venues open someday, although the hand feeling will be unfamiliar, you’ll be able to pick it up much faster than anybody else.

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