Private Training

Private Training

Would you like both of your forehand and backhand attacking as agile and strong as FAN Zhendong?

Do you want your forehand loop as violent and powerful as Ma Long?

Would you care to play reverse penhold backhand and have strong spins like XU Xin?

As well as volatile serves, nimble footwork, strategies and tactics, clever receiving, secure defense…

Let me help you make great strides and raise to some levels you never expect!

One-on-one private training teaches you all the essence of what the former Hong Kong Table Tennis Team member has learnt for decades. It awakens your potential and enhances your confidence. The highly focused and practical lessons can train you up to be an advanced player in a short period. It is the most cost-effective way to achieve your goal.

The coaching fee is $580 per hour (table fee excluded, usually charged by clubhouse or the government). The training is available in most urban districts. All ages and levels are welcome, from beginners to competition winners. For inquiries and booking, please call me, coach Cheung at 6354 1261, or email to