Coach Profile

While I was a secondary school student, I have been coaching as a paid part-time school team coach for another secondary school in HK Island.

Coaching for some large scale classes of the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association, a parent made me a comment as “Very serious!” (Could not sure whether it was a compliment or not.) My partner coach criticised me “Scolding all the time!” Some students gave me thank-you letters, souvenirs and photos on graduations at the end of the years.

The students that I coached were ranging from village children, twelve kids using one table at a school in Yuen Long, to Mid-Levels celebrities showed in headline news.

My favourite things to see that are students growing up in training, building up self-esteem and confidence, being skillful and also moral.

Brief Profile of Coach Cheung
(Image courtesy of Remy Gros at Flickr)

  • Former representative of the Hong Kong table tennis team, participating in many international competitions. For example,
  • World Universities Table Tennis Championships, Brussels Belgium
  • Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships, Hyderabad India
  • Asian Junior Table Tennis Championships, Kediri Indonesia
  • First Hong Kong representative participated in the World Universities Table Tennis Championships, Lyons France.
  • Former coach of “The Elite Team of Young Athletes Table Tennis Training Scheme” of the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association, participating in outer-port competitions (National Junior Table Tennis Competitions in China).
  • Former coach of “Young Athletes Table Tennis Training Scheme” of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
  • Coach certificate holder issued by the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association, with excellent track records of coaching various classes.
  • Interviewed by the Hong Kong Economic Times (Parent-child pages), about the advantages of children learning table tennis.
  • Fostered the champions of the Men’s Teams and the Men’s Singles of the District Inter-Primary-School Table Tennis Competitions, coaching since they learnt holding their rackets.
  • Coaching in formal P.E. lessons of the whole five Form 1 classes of a secondary school for ten years. The assessment results, including the skill test and the written test, were marked on report cards.
  • Nearly twenty years of experience of full-time coach.
  • Please call 6354 1261, or email to, should you have any inquiries or booking.


A Present from Table Tennis Coach’s Student

…… a good coach and friend


Thank you so much for the commemorative plaque, which celebrates your becoming my student for over ten years! I’m flattered and humbled. Your kindness and generosity is engraved in my mind.

“Thank you very much for your attentive and patient guidance to my boy in many years! You made him keep his enthusiasm in table tennis.”

Mrs. Chan (Parent)

“I didn’t really know how to play ping pong at that time. All thanks to your coaching that I made great strides!”

Little sister Ching (Student)

“He coaches well. You guys be his students!”

Miss. Fung (Student)

“Really appreciate you very much for coaching him! It is all your effort, from scratch, learning from you since he was still a sheet of blank paper until now!”

Mrs. Li (Parent)

She told me that when her boy entered the singles semi-finals of inter-primary-school competitions for the first time. At last, he won the championship luckily.

“After learning table tennis, he becomes happier and more confident.”

Mrs. Ng (Parent)

“… devoted and responsible. We’re deeply satisfied with the coach’s quality and services.”

Tsang Sir (Activities Officer of a secondary school)

“It is a blessing that our students can learn from you.”

Chu Sir (Activities Officer of a primary school)