Why do table tennis choppers like being beaten and not hitting back?

2020-06-28 03:00 pm    1341 Views

       Chopping is a very special playing style. Table tennis choppers are often popular when they show up in tournaments. Countering attackers, they give attractive and exciting performances with so many returns. Playing it yourself, it’s interesting and funny. As a table tennis fan, you should definitely know more about it.

       Ordinary table tennis players like to attack quickly right after serving. However, those choppers are completely different. They like stepping back lazily and slowly to long distance away from the table, defending there and let you attack to your heart’s content. Never think choppers are easy to deal with. Meeting sophisticated choppers, attackers could be killed before you know it.


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(Image courtesy of Remy Gros at Flickr)


       The chopping style is a game of attrition. They let you attack fiercely on purpose, then they solve it slowly, softly and calmly. Over ten or twenty returns a point is common. If the game is intense, there would be even a few dozen strokes. The energy consumption of attacker could be imagined.

       Moreover, usually choppers’ forehand use pips in and long pips backend, making use of the different rubber features to disturb opponents. Sometimes the chop shots are extremely heavy backspin, sometimes light as a feather topspin making you out. All are hard to be noticed by the audience who aren’t players.



       Not long, the attacker will become impatient and irritable, losing focus and making mistakes. When his energy is going down, suspending the attack and taking a rest, the chopper is ready to fire back and caught him unprepared.

       That’s why table tennis choppers can be formidable. Without solid skills, it’s hard for attackers to deal with. Unfortunately, the chopping style in international competitions is fading out due to the ITTF’s big ball policy. At present, there’s no any chopper in the top 20 of men world ranking and the top 10 of women.


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