Table Tennis Class and Private Table Tennis Coach, Which One Is Better For You?

2020-07-09 02:00 pm    363 Views

        There’re different advantages of joining a table tennis class or having a private table tennis coach. In a class, you may have the opportunity to play with unlike players. Each classmate has his own style or strengths. It greatly enhances your abilities of tactic use, adaptation as well as organization. This is very important to raise your skill level. Moreover, the classmates could encourage each other, having a healthy competition, which is good for promotion. The tuition expense is also lower.

        However, table tennis classes are more suitable for those who have basic skill level and are able to make a few returns. Beginners can obtain the above-mentioned benefits only if they’ve learnt the basic techniques already. Otherwise, there’ll be no effects when they play with the classmates. Just like Kung Fu learners, if you haven’t got some postures, you can’t learn anything from fighting with others. Besides, the classmates’ skill levels better not differ widely, or it’ll be difficult for them to have similar training aims and drills together.


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       Private table tennis coach can give you tailor-made training and thus achieve the best effects, according to your needs and characteristics. Therefore the progress can be a few times quicker than class training. For example, let’s think about taking a school training class for a term, i.e. around five months. If you’ve one on one private coach training, one hour a week instead, to achieve the same effects, it should take you two months only. This way is particularly suitable for the students with the aims of mastering new skills, consolidating the foundation, having a breakthrough and promoting to a higher level. The tuition expense is higher.

       It also depends on your purpose of training. If you’re a beginner and just would like to have an experience and try some formal skills, table tennis classes with good quality could be enough. You may have more fun making friends with other classmates. Private coaching cannot give you this.

       If you emphasize on the cost-effectiveness of the use of time and money, looking for high quality training, private table tennis coach is your choice. You may build up your skill foundation well first, and then join a class later. When you’ve moved up to the intermediate level, both of these two kinds of training are necessary, even for professional players.


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