Table Tennis Class

Would you like to enjoy the fun of table tennis?

Do you want to know the secrets of table tennis skills?

Would you care to beat someone whom you could not before?

Does your good school or institute want to have a better variety of activity and use of facilities?

I provide interesting and effective table tennis classes, helping you to achieve you goal! Please call me, coach Cheung at 6354 1261, or email to for enquiries or booking.


 Coach Qualifications

  • Former representative of Hong Kong table tennis team, participating in many international competitions. For example,
  • World Universities Table Tennis Championships, Brussels Belgium
  • Commonwealth Table Tennis Championships, Hyderabad India
  • Asian Junior Table Tennis Championships, Kediri Indonesia
  • The first Hong Kong representative participated in the World Universities Table Tennis Championships, Lyons France.
  • Former coach of “Young Athletes Table Tennis Training Scheme” of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.
  • Coach certificate holder issued by the Hong Kong Table Tennis Association, with excellent track records of coaching various classes.
  • Fostered the champions of the Men’s Teams and the Men’s Singles of the District Inter-Primary-School Table Tennis Competitions, coaching since they learnt holding their rackets.


Table Tennis Class

Table Tennis Class


Rich Experience

I have been coaching at many schools and clubs. It includes conducting interest classes, building up teams for them and maintaining long term and good relationships with them.

My students won the champions of the Men’s Teams and the Men’s Singles of the District Inter-Primary-School Table Tennis Competitions. They were fostered since they learnt holding their rackets.

I have been providing tailor-made table tennis training for all form one students of a secondary school. After finishing, they need to take a skills test and a written test. The results are counted in their examination reports.


Media Interviews

I was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times (Family Section) and Oriental Daily about teenagers learning table tennis. They were published prominently.



Please call me, coach Cheung, at 6354 1261, or email to, for enquiries or booking of any regular, short-term classes, private or group training also available in various districts.


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17 Responses to Table Tennis Class

  1. Will says:

    Hi. My 12 years old and and I would like to learn to play ping pong together. We are in Kowloon side. Do you teach here and what is the rate for both of us to learn together?


  2. Simon Lam says:

    We are planning to arrive Hong Kong from Jul-26 thru Mid Aug and living in Hang O. There will a table tennis club where we live. Would be planning to continue take advance training for my daughter with currently US ranting above 2000. Please email to or whatsapp xxxx or HK mobile # xxxx or text. Thank you.

    (contact info edited by the webmaster)

  3. says:

    Hello, I am 17 have played table tennis before, where would the lessons take place in and how much is your hourly rate?

  4. Rachel says:

    Hi, I am interested and looking for a coach for adult. Could you please tell me where you teach (Kowloon side?) and your hourly rate? Thank You

  5. Mat says:


    I’m interested in getting some table tennis lessons.

    May I know your hourly rate? I am begginer level and based on HK island side.


  6. Lin says:

    Hello, I am an intermediate player. I used to join club and took training in France and also played match regularly. I have a short stay in HK and would like to get some coaching. How much is the hourly rate. I prefer the HK side. thanks

  7. Wilson Cheung says:

    Hi My son is 11 years old and would like to take up some table tennis training. May I ask if you could teach on HK side? Also like to know your rates and likely schedules?

  8. Adam says:

    Hi, I am 13 years old and am looking for a table tennis coach. Please could you tell me where you teach (Kowloon side?) and your hourly rate? Thank You



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